The difference between the American blackjack and the European blackjack

Everyone who is known to the gambling world is more likely to know what a blackjack is. Among them, there are going to be many who are used to the playing the game. It is a fun game and can be played anywhere but the casino is the perfect place to play the game like domino qq online uang asli. Well for the gamers who are used to the blackjack let me tell you there are basically two types of blackjack, the American blackjack, and the European blackjack. Both have the similar rules with little modification that we will discuss below.

The American blackjack

This is the usual 21 game where the player has to reach as close as the number 21. Going over the 21 will make you go robust. To give you an upper hand you are allowed to see the dealer’s one card. The other card is said to be the hold card and the dealer does not see this. Hence, the American blackjack gives the players an upper hand, as he has to draw the card without seeing the hold card. The card is shown when the game is going to end and declare the winner.

 The European blackjack

The European blackjack has no hold card in the first place. It has only one card at the beginning of the game. The game is processed. The dealer does not get the second card until the beginning of the next round. Hence, even then there is no one who can figure out if the player has the blackjack.

The European blackjack has the advantage for the players because the game uses two decks of cards. This gives the house less advantage then the American blackjack.

What is the hold card?

For the one that doesn’t what a hold card is. Let us get deeper into the American blackjack. In the game, the dealer draws two cards. One of the two cards is shown to the players while the other card is faced to the table and the players nor is the dealer allowed to see it. This is like a surprise card, you have to decide to go to war looking into your cards as well as the single card of the dealer. The hold card can decide the whole game and can make the unpredicted game win. If the dealer’s card is very less and you thought that you would win, the hold can change the game if the dealer has a face card or an ace.


After learning the difference between the two, you are supposed to not get confused between the two. The blackjack and domino qq online uang asli is a very famous game and so it has different rules in the different casino to give the house its advantage.

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